What's Up! I'm Sheyanne.

So.... You wanna know more about me?

For starters, I am a copywriter/content writer based in Houston, Texas who specializes in creating compelling and profitable copy for businesses and brands looking to increase their profits and reach. My range in capabilities include creating landing pages, website copy, blog posts and articles.

But that's not all there is to me.

I am what you would call a creative powerhouse that drives on passion and soul fulfillment. I believe that my purpose here is to be the artist; someone who expresses the truest parts of themself through their creativity and uses it as a channel to help others.

But finding that channel hasn't always been easy. With being such a creative person, there has always been so many things that I aspired to be or do that eventually, I just became overwhelmed and confused. Somewhere along the way on my rapid journey throughout various different aspirations, I finally discovered the two things that absolutely set my heart on fire: Communication and Astrology.

Finding my passions

How did you discover these passions you may ask? Well, the moment I identified communication as my passion wasn't really a discovery; it was more like a realization. For as long as I can remember, writing and communication has always been something that came easily to me but I never really thought of it as one of my passions until recently. I just thought it was something I happened to be good at.

It wasn't until the moment I realized how important communication meant to me that it clicked. I love to communicate and express my thoughts and ideas with those around me whether it be through telling a captivating story, giving information or simply talking about things that I enjoy. It energizes me to learn new information and communicate it to the world! And that leads me to my other passion: Astrology.

In 2019 during the beginning of the pandemic, I came across my newfound love of astrology. Even though I've always known my own sun sign (I'm a taurus!) and read a few horoscopes here and there, that's about all I knew about astrology at the time. After discovering that there is more to astrology than just your sun sign, I was hooked. I soon uncovered all the multifaceted layers that astrology possesses. Fast forward to today, I am now a practicing astrologer who conducts birth chart readings that give a deep analysis on one's life based on the planetary positions at the time they were born.


My ultimate goal is to be able to intertwine both astrology and writing/communication into my career, as it will allow me to not only express myself through my words, but also bring insight into people's lives by making them more aware of their own personal energies and inner power.