Gemini Moon ♊️ 👯‍♀️

In this video, I give insights about having a Gemini moon and how it can influence your personality, emotional disposition, family/home life and so much more! 

Everything you need to know about ARIES ♈️ 🐏 in 60 seconds

The title speaks for itself! A quick run down of everything you need to know about Aries in 1 minute!


A short analysis on Mercury in scorpio and how this energy is influences one’s communication style and overall perception! 🧠♏️✨ Interested in diving deeper into your own natal chart & planetary placements (or maybe even someone else’s 👀)? I can help with that! Book a reading with me HERE 🥰👇 #astrology #astrologytiktok #astrologysigns #astrologyqueen #zodiactok #cancer #cancerseason #watersigns #scorpio #scorpiomercury #zodiacsigns #mercurysign #mercurysigns #mercurysignastrology #zodiac #astrotok #zodiactok

♬ original sound - Thee Drip Gawd

Mercury in Scorpio ♏️ 🦂

Our mercury placement influences the way we think, how we communicate and our mode of interaction with others. This video dives into the mental processing of a Scorpio mercury individual. 

How to Understand Transits in ✨Astrology✨

Transits in astrology represent the current positioning of various different planets in the sky as well as how those planets are interacting with your birth chart. Transits can give you insights on potential future trends and events.