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Ready to Tie the Knot

Shared Property: The union of physical property is an important element to note, especially if you’re not fond of sharing. Becoming comfortable with having to share a home, car, finances and other belongings is very important when deciding to become “one”.

Marrying the Family: It is believed that when you marry someone, you’re not only marrying them, but also their family. With that being said, getting to know your future in-laws and building a positive relationship with them can make way for a

Importance of Recognition

Even though we don’t always see it, these things can pose as a detriment to your child’s overall self-worth and inhibit them from pursuing their dreams in the future. How is little Jimmy going to have the confidence to go after his dream of being an artist when his own parents never nurtured his talents? The reinforcement of positivity and recognition in your children will be a catalyst in their developing their own sense of acknowledgment from within.

It’s easier than you think to recognize th

Wedding Apps

For many soon-to-be brides, planning for a wedding can be a very tiring process. Whether you have just embarked on your wedding planning journey or you’re finishing the last of it, this guide will showcase five different apps that can make mapping out your big day a lot easier.

WeddingWire: WeddingWire is a great tool for future brides who have no idea where to start when planning their wedding. This platform is a one-stop-shop for all things wedding related as it allows brides access to a dire

Mommy Care Tips

With the hectic holiday season finally coming to an end, many restless mothers are finding that they need time to themselves to recoup. Don’t worry busy moms, we got you! Look over these five “Mommy Care” tips that can improve the overall quality and balance of your life.
• Creating A Balanced Schedule: Every mom can understand the pressure of being constantly overwhelmed with different tasks to get done throughout the day. Creating a balanced schedule will combat the stress of feeling like ther

Get the Dads Involved!

Have A Movie Night: Pop the popcorn and dim the lights ‘cause it’s movie night! Whether it’s a new flick, or one of dad’s old childhood favorites, watching a movie is a great way to spend more time with the kids with zero hassle.

Go On A Nature Walk: Nature walks through the park are not only a great way for dads to bond with their kids without any distractions, but it also can be a hands-on way for the kids to learn more about different vegetation, habitats and animal life. Breathing fresh air

Forecast Budgeting

Now how do I do it? It’s fairly simple! Forecast budgeting consists of a 12-month program where you are setting aside money for different events as well as planning for the year as a whole, ahead of time. This includes budgeting for birthdays, holidays and vacations as well as more mundane things such as bills, savings and credit card payments. To do this, the first step is either creating or finding a spreadsheet online, or doing it the old fashioned way and getting a planner journal.

Now that

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